15 Minute Facebook Party System

This business is all about starting new Arbonne conversations, keeping these conversations going using opportunities to follow up, and leading with all possibilities. This virtual party system is a great addition to your toolbox!

Parties (whether they are on Facebook, zoom, or in-person) are a great way to leverage your time and expand your network. Guests and Hosts love our 15 Minute Facebook parties because they are short, fun, and educational.


This virtual party system leads to scheduling, enrolling, and selling. Sales to clients, enrolling business building consultants, and gaining connectors ( hosts and referrals) are the goals for every Business Growth Activity.

What to expect:

  • 15 minutes to prepare the Party Facebook Group

  • 15 minutes to do the Facebook Live Video

  • Follow up conversation time via text which is worth every single minute.

The best way to learn about this Party System


1. 15 Minute Facebook Party Template- Steps, Posts, and Info- click HERE.

This training document takes through all the steps from the start (inviting verbiage for you and host), setting up your FB group with scheduled posts, and closing steps (with verbiage) to keep conversations going. The corresponding pictures for all FB posts are in the team dropbox link. 

2. 15 Minute Facebook Party Script - click HERE.

3. 15 Minute Facebook Party Dropbox link- The entire system (template and script) plus pictures for posts are in this link. - click HERE.

* FOR INFO ON HOST PERKS, click on the team website training page HERE.