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15 Minute Facebook Party System

This business is all about starting new Arbonne conversations and keeping these conversations going using opportunities to follow up.

This system outlined below was created by ENVP Jessica Champagne. She successfully built her multi-nation team on this system prior to sharing her method with Arbonne's global community in 2020. It's super easy to duplicate for those who are launching their business and to continue doing to create new business growth.


Advantages to this virtual party system:

  • Leverage your time. 

  • Easy ask. Easy yes.

  • Short-term results and long-term results. This system funnels more people into your network and business for the long game.

  • Sales to clients and preferred clients.

  • Interest in learning about the Business Opportunity and enrolling business building consultants.

  • Expand your network by gaining connectors through hosts and referrals.

  • Hosts love the simplicity of this party and love the Host Perks that come along with it. The party is fun and has generous perks for guests and hosts.

PARTY SYSTEM - The training below includes her system with additional tips to help keep it simple for you to execute successfully. Do the modules in order, from left to right.

Watch this 22 Minute Training Video for More Success Tips for this party with ENVP Donna Johnson & ENVP Jessica Champagne. Click the image to watch.












What to expect:

  • 10 - 30 minutes to prepare the Party Facebook Group

  • 15 minutes to do the Facebook Live Video

  • Quality follow-up conversation time (via text message) to give guests what they want and need 

  • Your unique learning curve. Maybe you are good on devices and on social media, or maybe it's all new to you. Either way, take the time you need to prepare yourself so that you can learn in action, which will teach you everything you need to know.

  • Expect that you will take more time to prepare yourself and your edited templates in the system for your first launch/party and that the more parties you do, the better and faster your set up time will be. 

  • Just like all business-building activities, attendance, results, sales, and engagement will vary. Anticipate some of the parties to be a bust. If you schedule 4 parties per week, that is 16 each month, so the busts won't matter.

Messages Image(2880159698).png

Launch & Host Party


  • do at least 24 hrs before start time

  • takes about 30 minutes

15 minutes


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