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30 Days to Healthy Living


Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living Program is a very important element of building a balanced and sustainable business with Arbonne. Nutrition is one of Arbonne’s three core product segments, the other two being Skin Care and Colour Cosmetics. Arbonne is known for its synergistic approach to mind, body, and skin. 

  • 30 Days to healthy living is Arbonne’s well-being program and Arbonne’s #1 nutrition offer. 

  • This program helps you learn to identify foods that don’t make you feel great so that you can learn to choose food as fuel for your body, optimizing how you look and feel. The program also helps you support a balanced gut, gain confidence in yourself, prioritize rest, and learn to focus on a more positive mindset. In our 30-Day Groups, we provide meal plans, recipes, grocery lists and support. These products taste amazing, and the program is simple and easy to follow.















The best way to recommend and sell the 30 Days Program is by using the nutrition products and doing the 30 Days Program yourself.

  • Purchase a Nutrition ASVP and jump into the program by committing 110%. Your results and personal testimony will be a HUGE asset and will help you ASK OTHERS to JOIN YOU!!!

  • Doing the program will also give your personal experiences which will further educate, empower, and help you influence others to do the 30 Days Program, and will help you be the best coach possible to your participants.

  • Ask many throughout every month so that you can have at least 5 NEW PREFERRED CLIENTS per month participating in the program!

Sample 30-Day Ask Verbiage:

Hey __________!

Just reaching out because I run a business online with a focus on plant-based nutrition products. I was wondering- do you have any health goals, such as managing your weight, having more energy, or developing healthier eating habits? We run a really great 30-day program and our next group begins on ______. I'll be doing the program myself and would love an accountability buddy! If I sent you some info on the program, would you be open to taking a look?




 This is an example of a simple system to help a New Consultant to Promote to District Manager through sales and how to grow your Central District enrollment and volume for the rest of your Arbonne career.


Training Videos on the

30 Days Program


Plug into the Arbonne 30 Days Facebook Group Community


Share the program with your prospects using our

30 Days Client Friendly Link


Follow up with your PCs and Cilients using the 30 Day Tracker


30 Days to Healthy Living Tools:

English link for 30 Days to Healthy Living-
French Link for 30 Days to Healthy Living-
30-Day Guide to Healthy Living - click here
Cost Per Day Breakdown - click here
Dr. Tanda Cook 30 Days to Healthy Living Video - click here

30 Days Sample Day Cheat Sheet - click here
Clean Eating Swap List - click here
30 Days to Healthy Living Meal Plans and Shopping List - click here


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