Close Tools

Selling, enrolling, booking more activity (follow-ups and parties), and making new connections are the goals for all Business Growth Activities.

Below are the materials you should have on hand to successfully close any Launch, One on One, or Group Presentation. While you might not use everything at every event, having it accessible keeps you prepared for whatever direction your activity leads you to. You will be prepared to close sales, book more parties, gain referrals, and give interested prospects more business information on how to get started with their own business.

CLICK the title of each document below and to see that document in all market versions.

To download a document to the desktop: CLICK on the printer icon, change the DESTINATION filter to SAVE AS PDF. The document's LINK is also sharable.


MAKE YOUR BUSINESS MOBILE, and share info via text using mobile apps


Photo App:

Rather than printing each page, you can save clear screenshot pictures of each, and save them in a "Close Album" on your smartphone. Create Albums for your Arbonne business:

  • Close tools - ASVP, core pack, free gift list, this month's deals and incentives, anything seasonal, Welcome kit, Share Arbonne pack, Recommended Business Builder Order.  You can have these organized per market you are working in.

  • 30 days - cost per day, cheat sheet, clean swap list

  • 30 Days /nutrition recipes

  • Host Rewards

  • 15 Minute Facebook Party


Notes App - create templates and save lists:

1. Login 

2. My Office Pro- CRM

3. Scroll down and click SHARE GETTING TO KNOW YOU FORM

4. COPY your URL and save it in your notes app. 

In your template, include asking for what you want: Please Fill in “interests” and “Preferences”

If an IC has French as their preferred language, the entire CRM is in French including the Getting to Know You form and content. All info is saved in the contact's details tab and interests tab.







For in-person activity, print and prepare a GUEST PACKAGE for each guest. Insert a GUEST PACKAGE into each catalogue. These are tucked away until The Close portion of your presentation.


Each Guest Package is stapled together in this order, top to bottom:                                               

  • Wellness Profile  (tear off once complete)  GLOBAL  | GLOBAL FR | USA 

  • PC Benefits at a Glance, Free Gift, IC RE9+ASVP Close Sheet, PC Core Pack (available in All Markets, except USA and Poland)- These can be re-used for every presentation.

  • Customizable Order Form  CAN | USA | UK | AUS | NZ | PL 


YOUR SALES CLIPBOARD- Use a clipboard to keep the following documents you may need for reference, as indicated below.


Arbonne Price List

Holiday Price List (September -December) 

• Be in the Know* CAN ENG | CAN FR | USA

Global Opportunity & Rewards Cheat Sheet* 



REFERRALS & HOSTESS CLIPBOARD - On a clipboard, have 2 copies of each document to book MORE business growth activities, as well as expand your network.


• Open Date Booking Card 

Referral Form