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Close Tools

Selling, enrolling, booking more activity (follow-ups and parties), and making new connections are the goals for all Business Growth Activities.

  • Below are the materials you should have on hand to successfully close a potential Preferred Client or Consultant.

  • These close tools keep you prepared for whatever direction your activity leads you.

  • You will be prepared to close sales, book more parties, gain referrals, and give interested prospects more business information on how to get started with their own business.


With Recommended Cart, sharing products and registering new Preferred Clients and Consultants is a breeze. This creates a seamless shopping and registration experience for your prospects allowing them to checkout and creates their account with fewer clicks! 


Recommended Cart allows you to:

  • You can personalize each cart by adding the prospect’s name.

  • Recommended Carts are country-specific, so you can create and save 10 carts per market!

  • Once you click “Share Link” and send it to a prospect, they can make any changes they want to the cart, and it will not impact the cart you have saved in your dashboard!

  • Share curated carts with your prospects via a link that can be sent by email, text, or direct message on social media. 

  • Add PC and IC registration to the cart for easy sign-up and check out

  • Recommended Cart links can be shared with multiple prospects and any changes they make will only be visible to them.

Did you know?  

  • When shopping with Arbonne, 30% more people complete their orders on average with Recommended Cart when compared to regular shopping.*

  • 79% more people complete the sign-up process through Recommended Cart vs navigating to the Arbonne website.**

*Based on July 2021 analysis of people who were sent a Recommended Cart and those who were not.
** Based on August 2021 analysis of people who were sent a Recommended Cart and those who were not.


Quick How To's:

How to Use Recommended Cart PDF- CLICK HERE

How to Use Recommended Cart Video - CLICK HERE 




-share info via text using mobile apps-



Photo App- Create Albums for your Arbonne business

  • Monthly deals and incentives, anything seasonal. These can be found in the digital tool kit and in the current month's announcement post on the team page. You can have these organized per market you are working in.

  • 30 Days to Healthy Living - cost per day, cheat sheet* 

  • 30 Days nutrition recipes*

  • Host Rewards Pics - CLICK HERE

  • 15 Minute Facebook Party - CLICK HERE

* all found in the 30 Days to Health Living Prospect friendly Link -



Notes App - create templates and save lists

  • Templates Texts - Ask your sponsor or Upline for their template verbiage to help you get started. Just make sure to personalize each text.

    • Invite/Ask for launch, party, 30 Days, Discover Arbonne, host

    • Zoom link info

    • Confirmation text

    • My post-DA text: Is Arbonne For You? Link and Call to Action Verbiage

    • 15 Minute Facebook Party: Ask Verbiage, Host Coaching Text, Follow Up Close Texts

    • Preferred Client texts for:

      • sharing benefits and free product list

      • follow up to close a sale

      • follow up to redeem product vouchers and/or renewal

      • Free Gift List links per market, directly from The Source. The PDF's link from The Source will always stay the same, even when Arbonne Home Office updates the document. Free Gift Lists change several times a year based on demand and inventory.

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