Online Curiosity Link

What is a Curiosity Link?

The Curiosity Link is always texted to prospects after hearing the Arbonne Opportunity. Whether it be at a One on One, a guest at Discover Arbonne Meeting or Regional VP Celebration, or a guest who expresses interest at a Launch or a Group Presentation, anyone who is CURIOUS gets the Curiosity Link.  You can copy and paste the URL of this prospect-friendly link by going to the "Prospect Friendly Links" Menu (see Menu bar above); copy, paste, and save in your Notes App so always have it handy.

The Online Curiosity Link is meant to be 3rd Party Validation to help you enroll consultants. All of the documents are picked strategically and intentionally to reiterate everything the prospect has just learned through the Discover Arbonne Presentation. Instead of leaving it up to the prospect to do all their own research (from reliable and unreliable resources), you give them all the info they need to make an educated choice.