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What is a Curiosity Folder?

Curiosity Folders are always given out to prospects after hearing the Arbonne Opportunity. Whether it be at a One on One, a guest at Discover Arbonne Meeting or Regional VP Celebration, or a guest who expresses interest at a Launch or a Group Presentation, anyone who is CURIOUS gets a Curiosity Folder.  The Online Curiosity Folder  version of the physical copy (outlined below) is what you can use most of the time. You can copy and paste the URL of this prospect friendly link by going to the "Prospect Friendly Links" Menu (see Menu bar above); copy, paste, and save in your Notes App so always have it handy.

Curiosity Folders are meant to be 3rd Party Validation. This is a business-building folder. All of the documents are picked strategically and on purpose to reiterate everything the prospect has just learned through the Discover Arbonne Presentation. Instead of leaving it up to the prospect to do all their own research (from reliable and unreliable resources), you give them all the info they need to make an educated choice.


Tips (for those who prefer a physical copy of the Curiosity Folder / In-person workshops or launches when they happen):

  • Please have these ready for each guest attending your Launches and Group Presentations- you never know who will be interested in learning more about Arbonne Opportunity. Expect success!

  • Keep your documents current. The corporate ones do change from time to time. This is a business; Attention to detail is important!

  • Always have 10 folders, prepped and ready to go! Be sure to have one for every confirmed guest at your launch events.

  • It is recommended to print these documents in colour.

  • It is more cost effective to print them off yourself at home.


EACH Curiosity Folder should consist of:

  • Is Arbonne for You? - Business Overview

  • Independent Consultant Earnings Statement

  • Arbonne Welcome Kit

  • Share Arbonne Pack 

  • The Global Recommended Business Order

  • Independent Consultant ASVP flyer

  • Your NVP’s Eye on Arbonne Story (EOA)- A great one you can use to leverage the possibility of success is your upline NVP's story. NVPs Rhoslynne Bugay and Trevor Covelli's Success Story published in “The Four Year Career” by Richard Bliss Brooke. It is available in PDF form in the link below. You can find more EOAs here-

  • Your Business Card or Independent Consultant info (inserted/stapled/labeled in the inside of the folder)

  • Catalogue (when using Curiosity Folder in One- on- One Results Approach)

  • PC Benefits At A Glance

  • Free Gift List

  • Two 3rd party validation sources outside of Arbonne:

    • 1) You can text the prospect the MP3 of “The Business of the 21st Century” 28 min audio by Robert Kiyosaki. This is powerful 3rd party validation and highly effective.

    • 2) “The Wealth in Wellness” by Paul Zane Pilzer Article

CLICK the title of each document and to see that document in all market versions.

To download a document to the desktop: CLICK on the printer icon, change the DESTINATION filter to SAVE AS PDF. The document's LINK is also sharable.

*These are all on The Source.