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Follow Up To Close & Client Care

The fortune is in the follow-up. Taking proactive steps based on our prospect's feedback is integral to consulting them to support their needs, desires, dreams, and discontents.



The goal for every activity in-person or Zoom- one on one conversations, group presentations/workshops, open group DA presentations- is to find the following:

1. Business builders

2. Sales to clients and PCs

3. Connectors - referrals and hosts


Closing strong, or being good at closing, is not only about sales and enrollment. An excellent closer is:

  • Proactive

  • Prepared and organized with Mobile templates (more details in the CLOSE TOOLS link below)

  • Curious and cares to ask questions so that they can understand

  • Listens to feedback openly 

  • Offers ideas, suggestions, or solutions - offers the next right thing

  • Keeps the conversations moving forward to books their calendar with follow-ups. HOW? “BOOK A MEETING FROM A MEETING ” BAMFAM ie. sign-up date, follow up zoom chat/text, 3-way follow up zoom chat/text with upline, follow up for referrals, host booking, host coaching, confirming affirmatively

  • Always follows up. Stats show that it takes 5-12 exposures for someone to buy from you or join you. Make sure the next exposure is you, not someone else. FOLLOW THROUGH WITH INTEGRITY.

  • Develop the mindset of loving the process. We are building authentic relationships.


Watch the training video below to see how you can be a proactive, excellent closer.

Handling objections is also included in this video.


Keeping your Preferred Clients and clients loyal to YOU takes effort. You want to stand out above the rest.

Watch the video below to learn how to keep your clients happy and how to be an excellent consultant for them.

A companion document is also provided.

How to Be An Excellent Closer-30 min

6 Step Client Care System - 22 min

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