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Goal Setting and Slicing & Promoting

“Set a goal big enough so that in the process of achieving it, you will become someone worth becoming.” - Jim Rohn


Goal Setting is integral for accomplishing any goal. It is part of Our Team's System for Success. 



  • Deciding what you want for your business every month allows you to plan the amount of Personal Business Growth Activity (BGA) you need to be in every day to achieve what you want. 

  • Have your goals set by the 1st of each month. Give yourself the full month to be in income-producing activity and work towards your goals.

  • If you are goal setting at any other time of the month, you can still have a goal to work towards, as long as it meets SuccessPlan Rules. It is never too late to make a decision about what you want.

  • If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

  • Studies have shown that writing your goals down in present tense and sentence from, and reviewing them every day, gives you a higher possibility of achieving your goals.


Ask yourself:

1) What do you want and why?

2) When do you want it? by?

3) What are you willing to do, to get what you want?



  • Your goals need to be very specific. This gives your brain a target to work towards! You need to have a clear, detailed, specific picture of what you want and when you want it by?

  • A goal without a deadline is just a wish! Every goal needs to have a definitive deadline and be time-bound. It must be measurable. Have a deadline will drive your personal performance and commitment.

  • Winner's Perspective- Setting your goals, and working towards them, is the true win. Success comes from doing. When you are consistent with your personal efforts, the results will come. The “win” is in the “going for it” with purpose. Working this way builds you a business that WILL hit the goals, whether that’s by month-end or in months to come. This way of working keeps the momentum in your business going and growing.

  • Always use SuccessPlan to set accurate goals, and to understand all the requirements of qualifying/finishing any promotion, and earning any cash award or incentive trip. 

SuccessPlan Manual - click here

Compensation Plan - click here

How to Promote Visual Aid - click here


Strategically set your goals based on SuccessPlan. If you are going for a promotion, know exactly how much volume you will need in Month 1 to qualify and in Month 2 and/or 3 to finish. No guessing when it comes to setting your goals. Knowing the exact QV needed to attain your goals will help you determine the amount of Business Growth Activities you need to take.


Always set THREE monthly goals:

  1. Your GOOD Goal: Something that you will do NO MATTER WHAT. This is considered your COMMIT goal.

  2. Your GREAT Goal: This is slightly higher than your GOOD goal. This is considered your STRETCH goal.

  3. Your AWESOME Goal: This is even higher than your GREAT goal. This is your BHAG- BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL. 





Goal Slicing will help you focus your activities in an intentional and purposeful way on a daily basis. There are 3 steps to planning your monthly activity to figure out what you need to do every day.

  1.  Write down your month-end QV and enrollment goals.

  2.  Divide the month-end QV into a weekly QV goal.

  3.  Divide the weekly QV goal into a daily QV goal.


Next, knowing your weekend goal, focus on the daily activities that you can do to hit your daily goal, You must get into action! Commit to figuring out what you can do and hit your daily goals. Be flexible and adapt your activity to ensure you hit your weekly goal.

Listen to this Goal Slicing Training  - 25 min

This is an excellent training call from ENVP Donna Johnson’s GO FOR GOLD series.

"Goal Slicing: What You Track Grows" 



1. MONTH END GOAL: These trackers will help you stay on track so that you can hold yourself accountable for the work you actually do and track all the efforts you make. You are welcome to use either one.

  • Monthly Goal Tracker - Use this to track and focus your efforts on your personal activities and your results. 2 New Consultants and 8 New Preferred Clients every month. Click here for the tracker.

  • Help 2, Find 8 Tracker -Use this tacker for your sponsoring results. This tracker highlights how you promote to District Manager in a strong and sustainable way. Help your new consultants every month duplicate HELP 2, FIND 8 and you can promote to Area Manager in a strong and sustainable way. Click here for the tracker.


2. WEEKLY GOAL: Track your weekly success using the tracker in Notes App recommended in the Goal Slicing audio.

3. DAILY GOAL: Plan what you need to do on a daily basis in order to achieve your goal every week. Use the "Daily Method For Success" and "Asks & 40 New Faces" Trackers. Adapt your daily activities to do more as needed to hit your weekly goals.


Daily Method For Success Tracker - click here

Asks & 40 Faces Tracker - click here

Please note: When you enroll a new consultant, the new faces you present to together can also count towards your 40 New Faces that month, because that is where your time is spent this month.


  • Be honest with yourself when setting your goals. It does you no service to set a goal you have no intention of working towards. If you set it, be willing to work for it, no matter what the results look like.

  • Be willing to work for your AWESOME goal every month. By aiming high, you raise the bar for the amount of activity you are willing to be in. If you go for your AWESOME goal, you will definitely hit your GOOD goal, and you will have a greater possibility of achieving your GREAT & AWESOME Goals! This also teaches you what kind of activity you do need to be in to achieve your higher goals.



  • Hand-written goals are the most powerful. Write them out in the first person, and in the present tense. Be affirmative using " I AM” and " I WILL.” 

  • Post them where you can see them every day. Say them every day. Review your goals first thing when you wake up in the morning, and again before your head hits the pillow at night. 

  • People who review their goals morning and night are training their conscious and subconscious minds to be actively seeking and achieving their goals. 

  • When you write them out in this way and say them multiple times daily, Your goals become affirmations.

Here are 2 additional training videos you can use to learn more about effective goal setting and achieving:

Decide & Believe, Plan, Take Action, Achieve - 20 min

Rhos Bugay shares mindset, goal setting basics, a daily action plan, and a monthly activity tracker.

Goals and Habits Training - 20 min

This training highlights a different and effective way to approach your goals, whatever they may be.

This one's a keeper to share as our teams grow.

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