Core Group Presentation System

The Core Presentation was created by Arbonne’s first NVP, Executive National Vice President Donna Johnson.

She has 5 direct NVPs and Her SuccessLine comprises over 80% of all Arbonne’s Independent Consultants. Bugay Successline is part of her massive SuccessLine.


Donna has incredible experience and influence in The Network Marketing Industry. She is a HUGE advocate for keeping activities as simple as possible.


'Simple' means it is easy for everyone to execute, easy to teach our team to do, more attractive to more people which leads to more sales, enrolling more New Independent Consultants, and more presentation bookings. Remember, we are “auditioning” how we build by what our guests watch us do, so the simpler the better. We also want to show our hosts (who are our business partners, and future business builders) how simple the setup is, so they find this business attractive as well!

“Core Presentation” is just shop talk. You can call it something else to your hosts, prospects, and guests… like ‘Healthy Happy Hour’ or ‘Wellness Workshop.’



  1. The simplicity of this party makes it for easy team duplication.

  2. The ASVP’s are utilized for a simple, open, and direct way to ask for the sale.

  3. Always OPEN/start the presentation WITH THE CLOSE. ALWAYS BE CLOSING (ABC)

  4. Always create curiosity about the Arbonne Business Opportunity in your Why Story and in the Close at the end of your presentation.

  5. Please note that her Presentation Card/Notes are from 2017. You will need to adjust to current products, branding verbiage (Mind, Body, Skin - feel free to edit in info from the DA script), and verbiage to be compliant. Check out B.E.S.T rules on The Source or in the training link in the New Consultant Menu.


How to Invite for

Group Presentations


A detailed walkthrough of the

Core Group Presentation