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Host Perks Program

Arbonne's Host Perks Program is simply amazing. Host Perks Program provides:

  • 10 codes every month for Independent Consultants to forward to their existing Clients and Preferred Clients, as well as prospects enrolling as Clients and PCs.

  • These coupons will enable the PC or clients’ order to get one-time redemption of 35-50% off their order (identical to IC discount).

  • Every month 10 new codes will be provided to each Independent Consultant to share with their Clients and Preferred Clients.

  • Each code is valid for the month issued and the following month ( approx. 60 days).

  • These coupons will work cross-border as well (ie. US IC can share this with CA PC).

  • These coupons could also be used in Personal Shopper so IC could shop for the PC and apply the coupon for the PC order to get IC pricing.

  • No minimum number of guest orders will be required to redeem the code.

  • No minimum order size required to redeem the code.

  • Orders with host perk coupon applied are not eligible for commission.


Easy Training:

  • Using the New Host Perks Program with Linda Parker video: learn why using Host Perks is great for your business and for your hosts- click HERE.

  • How to Use Host Perks Training Video- 2 minutes- click HERE.

  • How to Use Host Perks Training PDF - click HERE.

  • Meet the Program Summary Training PDF - click HERE.

Host Perks Review link (click HERE) which has the following:

1. Creating Coupon Code Video

2. Creating Coupon Code Document

3. Host Perks Consultant Review

4. Meet Host Perks- Host Flyer

5. How to Apply a Coupon Code



























Below are the JPEGS of the Host Perk Bundles we have put together for our hosts with the new Host Perks Program that you can save to your phones for easy sharing.

  • Flyers are in Canada and USA.

  • Bundle 1 is 35% off, Bundle 2 is 50% off, and Bundle 3 is ALSO 50% off, but just shows how they can get more product for a bit more.

  • The free gift from the consultant will be UP TO THE CONSULTANT themselves. It could also be samples of skincare or individual packets of some of the 30DHL products like 10 pack protein powder or fizz stick, or could be full size product that the consultant has.

Host Perks Ideas.jpg

*For other markets, please visit The Source.

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