How to Ask & Invite

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A Zoom Discover Arbonne (DA) is an opportunity for you to share Arbonne with your Dream Team!


Circle the TOP 25 Dream Team People on your 100 Person List.

These are the ones you can imagine sitting around your 'boardroom table of executives' of your Arbonne Business. Or perhaps the first people you would invite to your wedding or a super exclusive event.

  • They possess every quality and trait you admire and respect.

  • They are likely people you may feel nervous to ask, simply because you respect them so much for the incredible example they set in their lives, and the difference they make in others.


You want to personally reach out to each person on our TOP 25 FIRST, and get them in front of your Upline via Zoom, whether it one of your Zoom Launches or a Zoom One on One.



HOW TO ASK/ INVITE: Below are simple templates for you to use but make it genuine to each person you invite. The most important thing is to be transparent, be you, and be authentic to you and the person you are personally asking. For extensive tips for success, click here. 

Template pictures you can save on your phone are below.

Here’s the Template Formula to use for a DIRECT APPROACH ASK:

  • Start with the truth and express why you are reaching out to them, right away. Cut to the chase.

  • Why you thought of them. Add a genuine Compliment

  • Ask for what you want. ie. invite to your zoom session. 30 min as soon as possible- coffee date/ video chat

  • Manage expectations- "I'm eager to share this with you. I'm still learning, so I'd like to have my friend and business partner with us to share what possible with this business. All good if you take a look and you think it's not for you, or if the timing isn't right to start something new right now. I just thought of you first because I think it's something you would really be brilliant at and it's always worth learning something new."

  • Express gratitude


Here’s a Template Formula to plug into for a 3RD PARTY APPROACH ASK (from ENVP LINDA HUNTINGTON)

The Four Quadrant Ask formula - FACT, BELIEF, EMOTION, ASK
a. FACT: Let them know that you are expanding your business or
that you have started a new business and you are reaching out to the (insert compliment: smartest, most influential, ambitious, etc. people you know
b. BELIEF: I believe that you may know one very smart person that you could refer to me that would be interested in learning how they can create an additional income alongside their other commitments
c. EMOTION: I would so appreciate it if I could take just a few minutes of your time to fill you in on what I'm doing and what I'm looking for.
d. ASK: Would a weeknight or weekend be better for you for a quick call or coffee?