How to Ask & Invite

A Zoom Discover Arbonne (DA) Info Session is an opportunity for you to share Arbonne with your potential business partners- your Dream Team!

Circle the TOP 25 Dream Team People on your 100 Person List.

These are the ones you can imagine sitting around your 'boardroom table of executives' of your Arbonne Business. Or perhaps the first people you would invite to your wedding or a super exclusive event.

  • They possess every quality and trait you admire and respect.

  • They are likely people you may feel nervous to ask, simply because you respect them so much for the incredible example they set in their lives, and the difference they make in others.

You want to personally reach out to each person on our TOP 25 FIRST, and get them in front of your Upline via Zoom, whether it is one of your Zoom Launches or a Zoom One on One.


Here are some tips:

1. Invite to your first launch date. 

2. When they say they can’t because of timing, offer the next date.


3. If that doesn’t work for their availability, offer quick one-on-one info session ( and keep your upline posted so they can come), OR offer the short DA video for them to watch on their own time.  You can use Your Upline ERVP Rhoslynne Bugay's 15 min Discover Arbonne video.                   

Password- learnmore (case sensitive, no space) 

4. If it’s a “ no” to take a look at the business, invite them to your Facebook launch party to learn about the products. You will need to have 2 unique private FB groups set up in a “barebones” way ( cover photo, description, and intro post) so that you have a direct link to each party group to share in these invites in the first party invite/ask. 

Use the Invite to Party verbiage, like the one suggested on the 15-minute party training that is enticing.

Click HERE for Prep to Invite Training for details and verbiage.

HOW TO ASK/ INVITE: Below are simple templates for you to use but make it genuine to each person you invite. The most important thing is to be transparent, be you, and be authentic to you and the person you are personally asking. For extensive tips for success as well as an explanation of the approaches you can use, click here

Template pictures you can save on your phone are below.


1. Connect- a warm greeting 

Hi Rachel, it’s been a long time. I’m so grateful for social media so that I can stay in the loop with what’s going on with you and the kids. They are so cute! I hope you all are having the best start to a new school year. 


2. "I’m actually reaching out to you for a reason." - Cut to the chase. Be direct.


I’m reaching out to you for a reason. I’m launching my business with Arbonne/ I've been building a business with Arbonne and have been loving all the choices it’s given me. And I'm wondering if you’d be open to taking a look at what I do. 


3. Genuine Compliment. Explain why. "I thought of you because …"

of that Facebook memory that popped up the other day from that crazy wedding. We had such a fun time. And with arbonne, I get to have lots of fun with my team- I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to ask you about this.

- I remember you to be…


- I saw you post one your stories the stress of going back to the routine on Monday…


.. and I think this business might be a good fit too because of your vibe is amazing. And I know You love helping others. 


4. "Might not be for you, but ya never know. But if you are open…. " People wanna be open. Manage expectations- 15 min.


Might not be for you, but ya never know. 

If you are open to learning more about it, We could meet up on zoom for a quick chat. We can just plan for 15 min of business chat and we can spend some time catching up to. 


5. Warm ending. 


I'd love to be in the same moment with you. It’s been too long. 

Hope you are having the best day. Can’t wait to hear from you!! Bye! 



The Four Quadrant Ask formula - FACT, BELIEF, EMOTION, ASK

a. FACT: Let them know that you are expanding your business or that you have started a new business and you are reaching out to the (insert compliment: smartest, most influential, ambitious, etc. people you know.
b. BELIEF: I believe that you may know one very smart person that you could refer to me that would be interested in learning how they can create an additional income alongside their other commitments.
c. EMOTION: I would so appreciate it if I could take just a few minutes of your time to fill you in on what I'm doing and what I'm looking for.
d. ASK: Would a weeknight or weekend be better for you for a quick video chat or coffee?