How To Do Zoom Activity

The internet has completely revolutionized Social Marketing as an industry. We are able to stay connected with our networks all over the globe with a few clicks on your smartphone. Perhaps some of your dream team prospects live in a different city, country, or time zone? This is a huge advantage for you! And Zoom is the best tool to utilize!



  • People have been shopping from TV forever. 

  • People have been buying online forever.

  • People buy without ever trying the product. 


This will be effective if you choose it to be, and the only way it will be awkward is if You make it awkward. You have a choice to either use distance as something that will hold your business back from growing, OR you can use the internet as the asset that it is, to explode your team and business GLOBALLY!! This is a ground floor, global opportunity! 

Embrace this element of our business. Show people how you build your business globally using this method. Jump into activity using this method and be ready to personally take your business global, as we open into every new country!!!

Check out the simple steps for the following Business Growth Activities via Zoom:


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