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Is Arbonne For You? System

The “Is Arbonne For You?” System is a 2-page flyer swap for sharing a DA video or doing the DA in-person or on zoom. (ie.DA= Discover Arbonne Presentation.) It’s the No DA DA.  Why do we love this method?

  • It’s quick and simple to do, which makes this biz even more attractive for prospects.

  • Good method for those who are not yet comfortable presenting the DA.

  • Good option for consultants & prospects who are super busy. It takes very little time.

  • Utilizes your presence being social on social media, as you build trust and influence with your existing and new network.


What you need:

 1. Is Arbonne For You? flyer - This is from The Source. 2 pages, a quick read.

 2. The Four Year Career Book in PDF - This book handles objections and questions for you, while building the prospect's belief in the possibility of success in our industry, and offers 3rd party validation with diverse Arbonne success stories.


Is Arbonne For You? LINK:

Here’s a prospect-friendly, password-free link that has both the document and book in it.

All markets of the document are in there too.



  1. Ask- direct approach for the win.

  2. When your prospect says yes to being open to taking a look at Arbonne, ask them to read the 2-page flyer and a short ebook.

  3. Let them know you will follow up via text for feedback in a couple of days.


1. Don’t take the prospect on a zoom follow-up if they don’t read both things.

2. “This is the next step.” - Ditch the “if I would, would you..”

  • Position yourself as the expert and the coach. Move them along to the next best step of exposure instead. Listen to your prospect's needs.


3. Use RECOMMENDED CART to help sign up New Consultants, PCs, and Clients.

  • Ask the prospect, “what’s on your Arbonne wish list? Text it to me and prioritize your list from 1 to whatever, and let me see what I can put together for you within the budget you have in mind.” This matches their needs, and you also have a wish list to follow up on later.


4. Lean on using Arbonne’s 90-day refund policy.

  • Most people do not expect to try before they buy anymore.

  • You don’t need to send samples of skincare because it’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to that. Send Nutrition Samples only if needed.

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