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Personal & Professional Development Library

Personal and Professional Development is part of our System for Success. We highly recommend 15-30 minutes per day or 5 pages a day. Leaders are readers; they are always a student. Reading/listening to books play a key part in growing your skills, mindset, vision, belief & more!

We recommend a combination of Industry and Self-Growth books! Podcasts are a great way to learn too.

  • Network Marketing books will educate you on the industry and help build your belief and confidence so that you can talk about it with others.

  • Self-Growth books will build your belief in YOU and help you build a mindset that's in the direction of reaching your goals!



Here are 2 highly recommended books to listen to and read to get you started right.

• LISTEN - Making the Shift by Darren Hardy - click HERE

• READ- The Four Year Career (Arbonne Edition) by Richard Bliss Brooke. Your Upline ERVP Rhos Bugay and ENVP Donna Johnson have featured success stories in this book. - PDF copy of the book, click HERE 




  • Dare to Dream, Work to Win!

  • The Four Year Career

  • The Flip Flop CEO


  • The 5 Second Rule

  • You are a Badass

  • You are a Badass at Making Money

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

  • The Science of Getting Rich

For copies of some of these recommended books and more click HERE.


  • Level Up with Debbie Neal (FYI- She is a powerhouse 5-wide ENVP with Arbonne, who has influenced and trained our leaders consistently. She is also part of the same family/team as us!

  • Your Virtual Upline with Bob Heilig


  • Audios by Arbonne Field Leadership Globally on Arbonne's Soundcloud- click HERE

  • Curated playlist - click HERE

Success Tip: Download a bunch of Soundclouds, audiobooks, and trainings to your smartphone, or download the app 'Soundcloud' and stream online and build yourself a mobile personal development library so you can multi-task or fit this time into the nooks and crannies of your life.

The Four Year Career - Arbonne Edition,  by Richard Bliss Brooke

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