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Who & How to Ask and Invite

Most times, people don't come to you to say they want to start a business, buy your products, or connect you to people they know who might. 

You have to ASK.

Whether you are new and launching, or seasoned and working on your personal business, inviting people to take a look at Arbonne is the only way to spark growth and momentum in your business. This business is all about adding value to others through Arbonne's business opportunity, products, and community. We personally invite people to take a look at what we offer.


Start your list by writing down all the people that fit into these 4 Segmented Lists that qualify your network.

1. IN REAL LIFE (IRL) - People you actually talk to, text message, do life with in-person regularly. Close friends and family. These people are closest to you. These are the only people who are invited to launches.
2. SOCIAL MEDIA ONLY (SMO) - Those You know in real life, but your time is spent mostly on engaging and chatting on social media platforms. Closeness may vary, but being active on social media can help you warm them up and develop trust and influence. Some of these people may feel close enough that you do want to invite them to your Zoom Launches.
3. FRIENDS OF FRIENDS (FOF) - People you meet through friends. You have not connected in real life yet.
4. COMMON INTEREST RANDOMS (CIR)- Total strangers you follow and engage with on social media. You will need to get to know them better and cultivate a level of trust and influence.


BONUS: COLD MARKET (CM) - Cold market folks are new contacts; people whom you meet as you are out networking and living life. You will not be cold asking, but you will have conversations to warm them up and will need to get to know them better and cultivate a level of trust and influence.



  • Be intentional with adding to these lists. Each person is attached to their own warm market; people who can be segmented into lists 1 to 3.

  • Use social media to do this too. Be social on social media. Build your influence by sharing more about YOU and what you are passionate about in life. You can sprinkle Arbonne-related posts sometimes, but don't let your Social Platforms seem "hijacked" by Arbonne. The most important thing people want to see on your social media is You. Be genuine, not perfect. Use IG stories often.

  • Engage on your network's social media posts and comments. It takes 2 seconds to engage with a post or story. Remember how nice it feels to feel seen and heard when others engage with your posts and stories.

  • Generally speaking, paying attention to your people's shares and posts on social media will give you clues about their "pain point" or a need you can serve through the business or the products. 


  • You can use your contact lists from social media platforms, email, and cell phone to help you build your list, as well as the memory jogger to help you think outside of the box too. Memory Jogger- click HERE

  • Create Your Dream Team: Add the ‘best’ people you know who have some, or all, of these qualities: self-motivatedhighly influential, positive, inspiring, happygood work ethiclike helping others and like to give back, already successful at what they currently donot happy with the status quoneeds an exit strategyneeds extra moneyentrepreneurial mindsetopen-mindedcoachableself-disciplined.

  • Statistically, it takes 5-12 touches for someone to say ‘Yes’ to a network marketing business. Manage your expectations. It's common for folks to say No many times for various reasons before they say yes. No actually means "I don't KNOW enough yet." Be patient, don't take it personally, and follow up another time to offer something else or something better that might work for them.

  • It is important to NOT pre-judge others and the circumstances of their lives by what you may see or think you know.  When you stay open to the idea that Your “job” is to educate others on everything this opportunity and products could offer them, you will surprise yourself with how quickly your lists grow.

  • This business attracts all types of people and does not discriminate. We have something for everyone, so everyone deserves to go on your list. That being said, this is your business and you get to choose whom you want to bring into your business.



1. Invite to your first Zoom Launch date. 

2. When they say they can’t because of timing, offer the next Zoom Launch date.


3. If that date doesn’t work for their availability, ask if they'd be open to taking a look at a 2- page flyer OR scheduling a 15-minute info session around their availability. FYI- let your sponsor know when you have booked these so they can join you to help you practice and give 3rd party validation.

Is Arbonne For You? Link -

It has a 2-page PDF available for all markets, as well as a short industry book that will help you with the follow-up process. 


4. If it’s a “ no” to take a look at the business, invite them to your 15 Minute Facebook Launch Party to learn about the amazing products.

  • You will need to have 2 unique private FB groups set up in a “barebones” way (cover photo, description, and intro post) so that you have a direct link to each party group to include in these initial party invites/asks. 

  • Use the Invite to Party verbiage, like the one suggested on the 15-minute party training that is enticing. Click HERE for verbiage 





Below are simple formulas for you to use, allowing you to make each ask/ invite genuine to each person you invite. The most important thing is to be transparent, be you, and be authentic to yourself and the person you are personally asking. We highly recommend you text via voice memos or voice notes whenever possible, so that your people can hear your sincerity and excitement. Nothing replaces the tone and energy in your voice, and these messages are always received with love because it feels good to really connect.


A Direct Approach is when you’re asking the prospect to "take a look" at the business opportunity or products for very specific reasons. Every person on your Segmented Lists has a "pain point" that you could possibly serve through what we get to offer. The most common pain points likely have something to do with:

  • the need or desire to make more money, more time freedom, more freedom of choice

  • their need for the benefits our products can offer

  • health and wellness goals 

When you ask using the Direct Approach, always share why you are asking them. 


Template pictures you can save on your phone are below for using this approach with your WARM MARKET (people you know) and COLD MARKET (people you have just met and don't know, but something in your interaction helps you see their pain point.)


1. Connect- a warm greeting 

Hi Rachel, it’s been a long time. I’m so grateful for social media so that I can stay in the loop with what’s going on with you and the kids. They are so cute! I hope you all are having the best start to a new school year. 


2. "I’m actually reaching out to you for a reason." - Cut to the chase. Be direct.


I’m reaching out to you for a reason. I’m launching my business with Arbonne/ I've been building a business with Arbonne and have been loving all the choices it’s given me. And I'm wondering if you’d be open to taking a look at what I do. 


3. Genuine Compliment. Explain why. "I thought of you because …"

of that Facebook memory that popped up the other day from that crazy wedding. We had such a fun time. And with arbonne, I get to have lots of fun with my team- I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to ask you about this.

- I remember you to be…


- I saw you post one your stories the stress of going back to the routine on Monday…


.. and I think this business might be a good fit too because of your vibe is amazing. And I know You love helping others. 


4. "Might not be for you, but ya never know. But if you are open…. " People wanna be open. Manage expectations- 15 min.


Might not be for you, but ya never know. 

If you are open to learning more about it, We could meet up on zoom for a quick chat. We can just plan for 15 min of business chat and we can spend some time catching up to. 


5. Warm ending. 


I'd love to be in the same moment with you. It’s been too long. 

Hope you are having the best day. Can’t wait to hear from you!! Bye! 


3RD PARTY APPROACH - The Four Quadrant Ask formula - FACT, BELIEF, EMOTION, ASK

The 3rd Party Approach (aka Super-indirect Approach) is an incredibly powerful approach and plays on a number of psychological levels. It is a direct way of asking to present/ share all the information you would normally present using the “Direct Approach,” but takes the “pressure off” of the prospect from feeling the need to say yes to your opportunity, or fear of letting you down by saying no to the opportunity. This is a networking approach that asks the prospect if they know someone else that might benefit from your business. We use this approach all the time with great success.


The key to success for this approach is to get them to “take a look” so that they are completely informed about the opportunity they are connecting their network to; so they can refer people to you with confidence, belief in the opportunity, and personal integrity.


This is a great approach for long-distance prospects as well, starting with "I'm looking to expand my business in ______…”


a. FACT: Let them know that you are expanding your business or that you have started a new business and you are reaching out to the (insert compliment: smartest, most influential, ambitious, etc. people you know.
b. BELIEF: I believe that you may know one very smart person that you could refer to me that would be interested in learning how they can create an additional income alongside their other commitments.
c. EMOTION: I would so appreciate it if I could take just a few minutes of your time to fill you in on what I'm doing and what I'm looking for.
d. ASK: Could I send you a quick 15-minute video to watch? Or a Quick 2-page PDF to read?



The Direct and 3rd Party Approaches are the BEST ways to ask and invite, but the Indirect Approach can, at rare times, be a powerful way to help people get past their initial resistance and understand your opportunity. This approach is best used when you’re just getting started only and it’s simply asking people for help or guidance. BUT! Don’t use this approach ALONE unless you absolutely need to. The best situation is to have people “take a look” from a place of real consideration and openness, rather than “just being there” for moral support. 

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